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This Quiz on Eye Shape Types Will Get You the Perfect Lash Style

Friday, December 01, 2023

Beauty Boss Academy Blog/Beauty/This Quiz on Eye Shape Types Will Get You the Perfect Lash Style

For a lash artist, a satisfied client can be truly rewarding. Lash extensions are an excellent way to enhance one’s charisma. They give you the confidence to stand out on any occasion.

But figuring out the perfect lash style for your client can be challenging. A lot of it rests on your knowledge of the different eye shapes, which you might not have if you’re new to lash styling.

If you want to avoid displeasing your client with a lash set that doesn’t suit them, this quiz will come in handy. We’ll introduce nine eye shape types so you’ll get them right during your client consultation.

The Different Eye Shapes

The human eyes come in nine different types of eye shapes.

• Almond eyes
• Round eyes
• Elongated eyes
• Monolid eyes
• Deep-set and hooded eyes
• Close-set eyes
• Far-set eyes
• Upward-turned eyes
• Downward-turned eyes

No two clients have the same eye shape. Also, one can have a combination of these eye shapes. Find out what they are using this quiz.

#1: How Big or Small Do Your Client’s Eyes Appear?

Eye shapes can make the eyes appear large or small. Let’s compare the three most popular eye shapes using celebrity examples.

• Almond Eyes: An example of almond-shaped eyes is Mila Kunis’. If your client has the same eye shape, they can pull off any look, be it glam, fierce, or classic, thanks to the versatility of the shape. As the name suggests, almond-shaped eyes resemble almonds: they’re wide in the middle and taper at the corners.
• Round Eyes: Zooey Deschanel’s round eyes make her bubbly and outgoing personality shine. Round eyes look larger than almond eyes, so it’s best to apply a lash style that elongates them. You also want to avoid emphasizing the eyes’ roundness, making your client look startled.
• Elongated Eyes: The elongated eye shape is common among East Asian celebrities like Lucy Liu. This long and thin eye shape looks small, so it can benefit from a style that makes the eyes look more open.

#2: How Deep Are Your Client’s Eyes?

Now let's get more in-depth (see what we did there?). Eye shapes also differ in terms of how deep the eye creases are. Identifying the depth of your client’s eyes is important so that you know whether to add dimension or not.

• Monolid Eyes: To identify this eye shape, check if the skin of your client’s upper eyelids partly hides their lashes. If it does, then they have monolid eyes. This eye depth needs a style that will give it more dimension.
• Deep-Set and Hooded Eyes: When a client has a hooded eye shape, their brow bone looks more prominent. Some of the lashes disappear under the hood of the eyelids, so you want to go for a style that will open up this part of the eyes.

#3: How Far Apart Are Your Client’s Eyes?

The third question is how near or far your client’s eyes are from each other. A proportionate or symmetrical eye set has a distance of one eye in between. But if it doesn’t, their eye sets may be close or far.

• Close-Set Eyes: As the name suggests, close-set eyes have less distance between each inner eye corner. You want to elongate your client’s eyes and create an illusion of distance with a lash style that lifts the eyes outward.
• Far-Set Eyes: On the other hand, far-set eyes are farther apart. You want to reduce the distance between the inner corners.

#4: How Evenly Do Your Client’s Eyes Lay On a Plane?

When observing your client’s eyes, picture a horizontal line passing through from one corner to the other. Most almond eyes lay on an even plane while others follow an ascending or descending line.

• Upward-Turned Eyes: Rather than being straight, the outer corner prominently points upward and appears higher than the inner corner. This eye plane already has a natural cat eye look, so you should avoid accentuating it.
• Downward-Turned Eyes: In contrast to upward-turned eyes, this eye plane points downward at the outer corners, which sometimes makes the eyes seem droopy. A client with downward-turned eyes will look good in a lash style that creates the illusion of a lift in the outer corners and accentuates the middle of the eyes to look more open.

Results: The Perfect Lash Extension Style for Your Eye Shape

Once you’ve identified your client’s eye shape, it's your job as a lash technician to recommend the most suitable lash style based on their eye shape. Here is a video quiz from our Volume Lash Extension Course that demonstrates the best choice of lash style for different eye shapes, and what should be avoided!

Dive Deeper During Client Consultation

Of course, this eye shape type quiz is only a simple tool for determining which lash style to recommend to your client. You still need a full and in-depth client consultation to determine which lash style would work best for them or if their desired style is ideal.

Ultimately, you still have to follow your client’s preference as long as it doesn’t pose a risk to their health and safety. Always consider their preference and validate their needs. After all, you want them to leave feeling happy and satisfied with their new eyelash extensions!

Aside from their eye shape, make sure you consider these important details during the consultation before proceeding.

• Experience with lash extensions
• Eye conditions
• Dress code at their workplace
• Preferred sleeping position
• Existing health conditions and medications

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We hope you found this quiz helpful in learning about the types of eye shape and the lash extension styles that best suit each. Now, you can highlight the beauty of your client’s eyes and give them the glow-up they deserve.

If you want to learn more about lash extensions, check out our online lash extension courses. Our experts will teach you all you need to know about different eye shapes, lash styling, eye anatomy, curling, and more!

Ready to start your lash journey? Enroll now!

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