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Our private Facebook Group is a resource we created specifically for supporting all of our students. Here, you can connect with our team and other students. Any questions you have directly related to a course can be asked in that group (and might even be answered there already)! If you’re having any trouble with the groups or community, you can email us at

We believe in our product so much that we have Beauty Boss Academy’s 60-day money back guarantee.

If, after taking our lessons and utilizing our resources in our VIP Community, you are not satisfied with the quality of our education and support, we will refund you 100% of what you paid for it.

Please be advised that for health & safety reasons, all Starter Kit items are final sale. Only course fees are eligible to be refunded.

The video modules can be completed in as early as two days, but we highly recommend spending at least a couple of months practicing your hands-on techniques before submitting any of your video quizzes. Most of our graduates take about 3 months from beginning their course to passing their final exam and getting certified. The beauty of online courses is that you can go at your own pace, and everything is completely up to you!

If you are enrolled in the membership only, you have access to all of the video modules and manuals for our Classic, Volume, and Brow Waxing Certification Courses. If you wish to submit video quizzes for personalized feedback and a final exam to get certified, you must enroll in the Premium Certification Program for your desired course(s) - available for purchase in your Student Portal.

If you purchased The Classic, Volume or Brow Waxing course à la carte, the certification program is included! Here at Beauty Boss Academy, we ensure that each certificate is earned through hard work and dedication. You will receive the certification after your final exam is submitted and we provide you with a passing score. We will provide clear instructions on how to submit your quizzes and final exam, and how you will receive feedback when you sign up for a certification.

Beauty Boss Academy offers our courses to everyone around the world, and the regulations in each country differ from one another. Please make sure that you take the time to research the regulations in the country or state you reside in. We have a list of lash regulations in many different locations here.

Beauty Boss Academy requires no prior qualifications to take our courses! If you have always been interested in the lash industry but hesitant because of misinformation and misconceptions, you need NO prior experience in order to start learning. However, please be advised that the regulations to perform lash extension services widely differ depending on your location. In some places, a certification is all you need to start lashing, but in many others, you must be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. We have a list of lash regulations in many different locations here.

We wanted to create an academy that would equip you in all areas of your profession, at an extremely affordable rate. Our membership includes an ever-growing library of Master Classes that cover topics you didn't learn in Beauty School. You'll learn practical soft skills, such as how to handle difficult clients, sell retail, communicate effectively, and prevent problems before they happen. You can expand your service list with advanced training in Classic and Volume Lash Extensions, and Brow Waxing and tinting. You'll have access to a collection of downloadable resources you can customize and use in your beauty business. All for $20/month!

We cut the fluff and give you only the most updated trends and techniques. There is no other course out there that not only offers high quality videos at an affordable rate, but also provides dedicated modules that go over the most important techniques needed for a beautiful classic lash set in extreme detail.

Melody has been certified by many organizations. She always felt rushed because the courses were way too short, or she was taught too much theory and not enough application technique. Melody also never received enough help transitioning from working on mannequins to real human lashes (and trust us, they are worlds apart).

Her aim with this course is to keep you from making the same mistakes. With Beauty Boss Academy, you never have to spend thousands of dollars of your hard earned money for lessons that simply don't work!

We live and breathe community here at Beauty Boss Academy. Melody never had a dedicated community of beauty bosses that she could talk to and learn from while she was completing her lash certifications, and she swore to change that.

Our private Facebook Group is a resource we created specifically for supporting all of our students. Here, you can connect with our team and other students. Any questions you have directly related to a course can be asked in that group (and might even be answered there already)! We are also available to assist you at any time via email at, or feel free to send us a DM on any of our social media platforms.

If you're not a student of Beauty Boss Academy, we would love to welcome you into our free Facebook Community! Connect with other beauty professionals, ask questions, and give and receive advice and inspiration. Everyone is welcome here!

We're glad you asked. Our social media channels are LOADED with educational content that will never cost you a penny! Sign up for our mailing list to receive inspiration straight to your inbox. Scroll through our posts on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok for quick tips that will completely transform your business and make you more money. Join our free Facebook Group to connect with other beauty pros and get support directly from our team of industry experts (whether you're a member of our academy or not!). Check out our YouTube Channel for educational videos. Our mission is to empower beauty bosses all over the world to run incredible businesses and get paid what they're worth!

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