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5 Things You’ll Learn From Lash Technician Training

Friday, December 01, 2023

Beauty Boss Academy Blog/Courses/5 Things You’ll Learn From Lash Technician Training

Are you planning to pursue a career as an esthetician specializing in lash services? Perhaps you want to start your own lash bar business, or you’re just passionate about boosting people's self-confidence.

Whatever your reason for being in the beauty industry, enrolling in lash technician training is a good investment.

You can rest easy if you’re worried about having little to no background in lashing. Everybody is welcome to take an eyelash training course. Whether you have a full-time job or are a total newbie, there's a perfect place to learn everything about lashes!

This article will discuss what you'll learn when enrolling in an eyelash technician training program. If you're still unsure if it's worth enrolling, here's a quick overview.

The Lessons You Need to Become an Eyelash Extension Expert

1. A Bit of Science: Eye Anatomy & Conditions

Before you can master the art of lash extensions, you must first familiarize yourself with the area where you apply them. Lash tech training teaches you the different parts of the eye so that you know where to place lash extensions.

Aside from anatomy, you will learn common eye conditions that would prompt contraindications. Your client’s health should be your top priority as a lash tech. Hence, you must learn to assess if a client can get eyelash extensions.

2. Consultation: Eye Shapes, Lash Extension Styles & Measurements

Lash professionals consult with their clients to determine the best style for them. It is critical because each client has different eye shapes, preferences, and expectations. To become a great lash artist, you must develop the ability to customize a lash style for their needs.

A lash training course can help you with that! First, you’ll learn from lash extensions training to recognize your client's eye shape. Then, with adequate practice and experience, you can recommend the curl and style that suit them.

3. Health: Sanitation, Sterilization & Safety

It's essential to keep things clean before you apply lashes to prevent cross-contamination.

As you take your beauty training, you'll learn about the three S's to lash success: sanitation, sterilization, and safety. Specifically, you’ll learn about proper hand washing, workplace setup, and tool maintenance and storage to achieve them. As a lash professional, you are expected to employ these practices and maintain a safe environment for everyone.

Most importantly, remember that prioritizing your health enables you to work at your best. So you will also learn about self-care practices to maintain your physical and mental well-being.

4. Application: Step-by-Step Lash Application Procedure

Application is the heart of eyelash extension training. After knowing the basics of eye anatomy, health and safety practices, and the different lash styles, it's time to hone your lashing skills. You will receive hands-on training and learn how to use basic lash extension tools to demonstrate what you've learned.

However, there’s more to lash application than the process itself. First, you need to learn the correct step-by-step procedure for a lash appointment. It starts with client consultation, followed by the actual lash application, and then lash aftercare. You must complete each step carefully and thoroughly to ensure a successful and safe lash treatment for your client.

5. Making It Official: Starting Your Lash Career

Lastly, a lash tech training course can teach you how to kick-start your lash career!

It's not going to be easy when you start from scratch. One of the things you have to navigate is the different local rules and regulations for operating a lash business. Some areas require you to have a license. Others do not; training and certification suffice.

It can be confusing at first, but don't worry! A lash extension course will help you understand the difference between a lash certification and a license. You will also learn how to set up your workplace, market your brand, and have the right attitude and response toward your clients. These will all contribute to the overall customer experience, building loyalty and consistency!

Why It’s Worth Enrolling in a Lash Technician Training Course

A certification course is a good starting point if you’re an aspiring esthetician looking to focus on lash extensions. It includes everything you must know about lash extensions, from eye anatomy basics to step-by-step application. It will also help you become an exceptional lash extension specialist, which is necessary for building a successful lash career.

Imagine this: you'll learn the technicalities of eyelash application and its execution, how to start your lash business, and how to take care of yourself all in one course. The best part is that you can do all these at your most comfortable pace and place! Afterward, you’ll get that certification you worked so hard for.

Try Beauty Boss Academy’s Courses

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Moreover, we offer courses for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner with zero lash knowledge or an experienced lash artist who wants to get even better, there's a lash course for you!

Skip your endless search for “lash training near me” because Beauty Boss Academy is the right place to be.

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