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Frequently Asked Questions About Lash Technician Licensing Regulations

Friday, December 01, 2023

Beauty Boss Academy Blog/Courses/Frequently Asked Questions About Lash Technician Licensing Regulations

Knowing how to apply a good set of eyelash extensions doesn't guarantee the longevity of your business or career. Like any profession, you may need to meet certain qualifications first before operating your salon.

If you are planning to make a career as an eyelash technician, there are a few things you need to know even after undergoing training. We've gathered some common questions about lash technician licensing regulations that aspiring lash artists ask so that you don't have to look for them one by one.

Do You Need a License to Be a Lash Technician?

First, we need to know the difference between a certificate and a license. You get a certificate after you take a lash tech course. On the other hand, you get a license when you train for a set number of hours, pass the licensing exams and meet the other requirements of your local department of trade.

The main differences between eyelash courses and esthetician training are the time investment, the program coverage and, most importantly, the cost. Esthetician training is notably more expensive and covers various beauty expertise and procedures. If you want to specialize in eyelash extension application and removal certification courses, supplement your knowledge to expand your skill set.

So, do you need a license? It depends on your location. In many places, you can’t operate your eyelash business with just a certificate. Thus, it is important to check your local laws related to beauticians or lash extensions.

In some cases, you need to be licensed to attend an advanced lash course and get a certificate.

In Which Provinces Do Lash Techs Need a License?

Regulations are subject to change, but so far, nine provinces don't require any license for estheticians or lash techs. Here is a list of the Canadian provinces for your guide.

British Columbia

No license required, our course is all you need to start lashing!

Newfoundland & Labrador

No license required, our course is all you need to start lashing!

Northwest Territories

No license required, our course is all you need to start lashing!

Nova Scotia

No license required, our course is all you need to start lashing!


No license required, our course is all you need to start lashing!


No license required, our course is all you need to start lashing!

Prince Edward Island

No license required, our course is all you need to start lashing!


No license required, our course is all you need to start lashing!


No license required, our course is all you need to start lashing!


No license required, our course is all you need to start lashing!

You may notice that the majority of the provinces don’t require a license. The reason for a more relaxed regulation concerning lashing is the lack of a governing body to impose and oversee the requirements needed for an eyelash technician.

For example, in Ontario, you only need to present a business permit and wait for a health inspector to confirm that your lash salon is good to operate.

Requirements may differ in the provinces that don’t require an esthetician license. Thus, it's best to check local regulations specifically for lash technicians. General estheticians may need a license, but this may not apply to those who focus only on eyelashes.

How to Become a Licensed Lash Technician

The first thing any lash tech needs to become a licensed eyelash artist in Canada is to complete a course from an accredited school. Then, you need to submit an application to the trade department, complete the required training hours and successfully demonstrate your skills during practicum.

Another important requirement is to pass the licensing exams. You may need to meet certain requirements to be qualified to take the exam. As mentioned, each province has different regulations that you need to comply with to get licensed or certified, so it's best to check them first beforehand.

Enroll in a Lash Course Today

The journey to becoming an eyelash tech is exciting. Certification and licensing may sound like hard work, but in reality, it's just a small step that you can overcome with training. It all starts from taking your first online course inside the comfort of your home until you build the lash business or salon of your dreams.

At Beauty Boss Academy, we don't require you to have any license as a requisite for you to take our eyelash classes online.

Beauty Boss Academy is an online beauty school offering The Classic Course, which covers all you need to know as a beginner and provides the tools necessary for your training.

The Classic Course includes the following modules:

• Sanitation, Sterilization and Safety
• Eye Conditions
• Workplace Setup
• Client Consultation
• Eye Anatomy
• Curl Theory
• Lash Styling
• Prepping the Lashes
• Adhesive
• Application
• Aftercare
• Fill Appointments and Removals

Enrolling in our online lash course is the best investment you can make. It's the easiest way to earn money and give yourself a future while doing what you love.

Your lash career will be off to a good start once you’re done with the course. You can enjoy the life of a boss babe as long as you put in the work and dedication.

We also want you to know that it's okay if you don't know what you're doing at first. We built our course with no prior lash experience in mind. So whether this is your first time working with lashes or you've been in the industry for years, we can help you level up your game and start earning more money quickly.

Start your first course today and be the lash boss you’ve always wanted to be!

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